Yearly Archives: 2011

I want you all to meet two of my fabulous friends, Ed and Nora. I meet Nora when i moved to oz four years ago. We worked together and she helped me settle into a new country and a new life; sharing her friends with me, meeting me for coffees and breakfasts and generally making me feel at home. She has been an absolute rock for me. She was so supportive when my dad passed away and i went back to the Uk for a while;. She e mailed me lots, called me and even sent me little gifts from oz to cheer me up during the worst time of my life. She is a true friend. She is a beautiful soul. And of course Ed is fabulous too! They really do make a wonderful couple. I was so thrilled when this gorgeous pair announced recently that they had got engaged. I am so excited for them.

Nora and Ed are to be married not once, but twice next year! Their first wedding will be a small, intimate celebration in Sydney on the anniversary of the first time that they met. Then later in the year they will be returning home to be married in Scotland in front of their family. And guess what? Yours truly will have the absolute pleasure of being their official photographer for both weddings! Woop! Woop!

Here are some photos i took of them recently to celebrate their engagement. We got ourselves down to centennial park  and had a ball. Their two absolutely adored pups came along for the ride too, and stole the show!

Can’t wait to photograph your weddings next year!







Can’t you just feel the love here? One of my faves from a recent engagement session. A full blog post on this is coming very shortly….


This photo was taken around midday today. I have never seen sea mist shroud the whole of manly like this. It reminded me of the dust storm we had a few years ago, minus the dust 🙂

You probably won’t believe me but less than a kilometre away the sun was beaming down with hardly a cloud in the sky. I think those folks picked the wrong beach!



The other weekend me and a fellow photographer friend, Natalie, decided to set ourselves a challenge. Get up at the crack of dawn and venture over to Centennial park for sunrise with our cameras in hand. And thats exactly what we did. I don’t know how i managed to drag my sorry self out of bed that morning after only four hours of sleep but i’m so glad i did, for what awaited me was one of the most spectacular and beautiful sunrises i have ever seen. It was stunning. No, it was breathtakingly stunning ( breathtakingly- is that even a word??!!). This was my first visit to Centennial park and it certainly won’t be my last. I instantly fell in love with the long wispy grass, the field ( yes!! A field!! In the city!!) and the old trees. It reminded me of home.

Thanks Nat for being such a great model too- i had lots of fun!

Lets do it again sometime soon