Monthly Archives: June 2011

I have wanted to find a location with long tall reeds/grass for a while and it really doesn’t seem to me to exsist in lovely Sydney, which is why when i stumbled across this wonderful little place i almost squeeled with excitement and i knew that i had to do a shoot here sometime soon (please let me know if you know of any locations like this in the northern beaches area as i would LOVE to know)….so please welcome the Cash boys, a wonderfully fun and energetic little tribe that i had the pleasure of shooting early one morning in glorious golden sunshine, sigh…

Here is just one sneak peek piccie to tease you with for now…more to follow shortly x


Oh…New Zealand….how i love thee! I realise that i have been a little quiet of late, but i have an excuse….I have been busy relaxing and sight seeing on the beautiful north island of NZ with my hubby! Here is a quick overview of our trip….

…lovely comfortable flight on the A380 double decker, nice comfortable hotel (I am now officially a hotel snob i have decided), good food, AMAZING wine, driving driving and more driving,amazing rolling green hills, stunning mountain ranges, more good food, more fabulous wine, big huge lake, hot spas, stinky sulphur, a not so so nice hotel, beautiful barron land, being pulled over by the police for speeding ( may i add NOT me – i was very smug about that ), catching up with a lovely friend and talking incesently about photography (ah, just lovely!), hobbiton, rainbows, near misses in the car every time i drove as i was paying much more attention to the beautiful scenery and how i could pull up on the side of a motorway to get another picture, beautiful hazey light, geothermal fields, bagging an upgrade at the hilton hotel (score!), dust cloud, flight delayed, bumpy ride home, lots of laughs, lots of memories, lots of photos to cherish forever….and one happy, chillaxed lady!

And now i am ready for my next holiday 🙂

I recently showcased my work at a kids market and it was so great to get out there and spread the word about my business and to meet so many lovely people.

I also did a giveaway that day and the lucky winner got a free shoot and an 8×10 matted fine art print.

I am happy to announce that the winner of the giveaway is…. Melissa Desmond! Congratulations! Melissa i will be in touch very shortly with you to book your shoot 😉