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Open. Your.Eyes is a new personnal project that i have just started. I think its the little of things in life that are the most important things, and can often be ignored. So, i have set myself a project- to really open my eyes and see the world i live in and document what i see along the way that  inspires me. I also want this project to push me both creatively and technically and to make me not just a  better photographer but also for me to  fully experience and appreciate the world that i live in…I want this project to…Open.My.Eyes!

I will not be setting myself weekly or daily tasks, i just want this project to develop naturally as i go through day to day life! Please feel free to start your own open.your.eyes project too if you so wish- i would really love for you to join me 🙂

So here is my first post for my new project. I spent the day at the rocks last weekend. One of my favorite spots. I just love the oldy woldy buildings and streets- that place sure does have some character, and i also love it because it reminds me of home. We had heaps of fun eating our way through the day and into the evening, having a merry drink at the beer festival, spotting newlyweds, wandering the streets, laughing, chatting and generally having a lovely time.

Oh, and a big thanks to my friend Sam who took the photo of me and my beloved by the wall- its about time that i got on the other side of the lens…any excuse to indulge  in my wall fetish!!

Oh, and happy halloween to you all!


This blog post is very personal to me and i must say i hesitated before publishing it. But, I want my photography and my blog not just to be about my professional work but also to be about me and my life. I want my camera to document my journey as well as others. I want my photography to reflect real life. I don’t like things sugar coated which is why i always strive to get real emotions out of people. So, here’s me keeping it real about something very close to my heart….

Two years ago today life as i once knew it changed.

We kissed you goodbye as you slipped away from us.

We walked out of the hospice leaving you behind.

We called friends and family, repeating those final words that we had dreaded saying for the last seven years

‘ He’s gone’.

The noise of the last few frantic weeks came to a stop and we went home to an empty, still house.

I cried and cried and cried for what you had to go through.

We planned your farewell.

We sold the family car and started to sort through a lifetime of possesions and treasures.

We bought you a bench and placed it at your favourite spot.

I spoke at your funeral and I didn’t cry the whole day and felt guilty for it.

I flew back home across the world and tried to pick up the pieces of my life where i had left off.

I tried to make sense of how a man with such a passion for life could be taken from us at just fifty seven….

….Two years on and i still miss you like crazy.

I still cry.

I’m still incredibly sad for what happened to you but I also feel incredibly lucky to have had you in my life.

I am starting to move on to a happier place – i feel a little more like my old, carefree self.

Before you died you told me not to worry, that you would be all around us.

I  truly believe that you were here with us on this day…

I took this photo last year after my sisters wedding. We went down to the bench and placed her bouquet there.

There was something about the gorgeous light and the way it danced around my mum as she sat there looking out at Dads favourite view.



Katy & Glen

8th October 2011


I had soooo much fun shooting Katy and Glen’s gorgeous wedding recently.

Katy and Glen are such wonderful, kind people and it was an absolute pleasure to have photographed their big day.

Katy was the most relaxed bride known to man- she really was as cool as a cucmber….and….both her and baby TOTALLY rocked that dress. Isn’t she such a beautiful bride?

The day had  such a good, chilled out vibe to it and it was so lovely to see how genuinely close Katy and Glen are with all of their family and friends.

I must say what with the sweet old church and the gorgeous reception with stunning ocean views, it made me want to get married all over again!!

Congratulations Katy and Glen, it was a truly special day and i was so pleased to be part of it! I can’t wait to meet little bubba in a few months too!

I would also like to give a HUGE shout out to my lovely friend Candice Morris from love you more photography who came all the way from Brisbane to second shoot with me.

Thank you so much Candice, you are one awesome lady 🙂