Monthly Archives: November 2011

Can’t you just feel the love here? One of my faves from a recent engagement session. A full blog post on this is coming very shortly….


This photo was taken around midday today. I have never seen sea mist shroud the whole of manly like this. It reminded me of the dust storm we had a few years ago, minus the dust 🙂

You probably won’t believe me but less than a kilometre away the sun was beaming down with hardly a cloud in the sky. I think those folks picked the wrong beach!



The other weekend me and a fellow photographer friend, Natalie, decided to set ourselves a challenge. Get up at the crack of dawn and venture over to Centennial park for sunrise with our cameras in hand. And thats exactly what we did. I don’t know how i managed to drag my sorry self out of bed that morning after only four hours of sleep but i’m so glad i did, for what awaited me was one of the most spectacular and beautiful sunrises i have ever seen. It was stunning. No, it was breathtakingly stunning ( breathtakingly- is that even a word??!!). This was my first visit to Centennial park and it certainly won’t be my last. I instantly fell in love with the long wispy grass, the field ( yes!! A field!! In the city!!) and the old trees. It reminded me of home.

Thanks Nat for being such a great model too- i had lots of fun!

Lets do it again sometime soon