Monthly Archives: February 2012

Yesterday i had heaps of fun running around the Botanical Gardens and the Opera House like a mad woman with two absolutly adorable, beautiful little girls!

We had so much fun and they loved performing for the camera!

Here is one of my favourite shots from the session. It was the most gorgeous day and we took this shot just as the sun was leaving the sky for the evening and everything was saturated with a  golden honey hue.

More to come from this session shortly.


Recently i took a trip to Melbourne. I have been living in Australia for almost four years and i can’t believe that this was my first trip to the city!   I must say i am totally in love with this super cool place!   There were moments when, if i didn’t know it, i would have thought i was in a Europeon city…and i looove European cities!

The shopping was fantastic,and the people….they were all sooo trendy ( i felt like a frump in comparison!), the coffee was outstanding, food and service was awesome ( check out Affogato cafe on Hardware lane-awesome) and the general vibe of the place was just….fabulous!

I also couldn’t resist taking a trip to see what the Great ocean road had to offer whilst i was in that neck of the woods….and can i say…WOW!

If you haven’t been, you have to go. I didn’t fancy driving it so i did a day trip with ‘A tour with a difference’, you can find them here– i would highly recommend them. The highlight from my GOR tour would have to be the twelve apostles, i thought i may be a little disappointed seeing them as i have seen thousands of photos of them before, but, they were truly amazing.

Here are some of the pics i took from my time in Melbourne…