Monthly Archives: March 2012

Recently i collaborated with the gorgeous Michelle from Saffron Road to do a fashion shoot for her new campaign.

Michelle had a lovely shop in Manly and has now taken her business and her gorgeous clothes on line.

Here is one of my favourite shots from that day.

As soon as i saw the location and the light i fell in love with this place and had heaps of fun on this shoot.

Thanks Michelle for having me along and i look forward to the launch of your new venture very soon!


I recently had a ball shooting these two adorable, energetic little girls at the botanical gradens and the Opera House!

They had a fabulous time running around chasing each other, eating raspberries and playing in the summer haze.

To me, that is what childhood is all about. Need i say more?



Check out my first.ever.album!

I was so thrilled when i received this little gem last week.

I have been after a fine art album for a while now…

…you see, i’m not into big, flashy, heavy albums that i know will just end up sitting on a shelf for years to come collecting dust.

What i love about these books is that they are simple and clean and beautifully put together.  The quality is amazing and the images are printed on thick fine art paper resulting in one gorgeous lil’ book!

I love love love


( The book seen below is size 10 x10 inches)

Recently i had the absolute pleasure of taking a trip to Canberra to second shoot a wedding with Katie from Heartstory.I have been following Katie online for a while now and i absolutely adore her work, so you can imagine how thrilled i was when the opportunity presented itself for me to shoot with her!

I arrived in Canberra early Friday evening and as i was going out for dinner… well, the heavens opened (as my Mum would say). To say it rained heavily would be an understatement. It rained like i had never seen rain in my life! Sympathetic thoughts were going out to the bride and Groom for Katie’s wedding, but, when i woke up on Saturday morning i was greeted by a delightfully sunny day- yey!

Jennifer and Lucas were so lovely and it was great to be part of their special day.They had a gorgeous ceremony in the rose gardens at Parliament house- it was just stunning.

During their ceremony i was having so much fun photographing the gorgeous roses from various angles that i didn’t notice i had become tangled up in a bush of thorns!! It was so embarrassing ( i’m blushing thinking about it) anyway, needless to say it wasn’t my finest moment but here’s hoping  that it went unnoticed as i tried my best to elegantly rip the thorns from my dress to free myself! Bridget Jones comes to mind when i think back to it…

One of my favourite moments of the day was between Jennifer and her daughter. I loved seeing her little girls reaction as she watched her mummy get into her dress – it was such a lovely moment.

Oh, and those blue shoes? My, they were to die for! I want to get married all over again just so i can have me some of those!

Here are some of the shots i got from the day.

Congratulations to the happy couple and thanks so much Katie for having me along.