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Recently i had the pleasure of second shooting Hannah and Leons wedding with my lovely and talented friend Lea from Lea Forbes photography.

It was such a lovely wedding, and the light was just so beautiful- I love outdoor ceremonies!

Congratulations to the happy couple and thanks so much Lea for having me along.


Well what can I say about Laura and Greg?

They are a top couple for one.

They are very genuinely in love and happy to shout it from the rooftops!

They are also lovely people and make a real cute couple, wouldn’t you agree?

So let me tell you a bit about them…

Laura is an American lass from Texas and has a gorgeous accent, I could listen to her talk all day! Greg is a born and bred Aussie and a really great guy.

They have been together for six sweet months and very soon (today,actually) Laura is returning home and Greg will shortly be joining her in America for a new adventure together!

The shoot that I did for them was shot at one of my new favourite locations; an apple orchard in Bilpin in the Blue Mountains.

It wasn’t an engagement shoot but more of a celebration of being together shoot. I adore these types of shoots and think that you shouldn’t have to wait for an official engagement to have a photo shoot of the two of you together!

We had so much fun that afternoon, Laura and Greg completely embraced being in front of the camera and were so comfortable that I swear half the time they forgot I was there!

I want to wish Laura and Greg the best of luck in their new, exciting future together.

I  also want to say a huge thanks to Bill from Shields for allowing us to shoot at his orchard and for being so nice!


P.S: Don’t they look so darned cute in those outfits?!

A couple of weeks ago my hubby and I went on a little camping adventure with some friends.

Now, let me set the record straight; I am not a camper.

I have never felt at one with nature.

Since moving to Australia i have been even more opposed to the idea of camping than i ever have before.

You see, i’m terrified of creepy crawlies, and knowing that there are quite a few lurking around in oz that can actually KILL you- well the thought of putting myself through that level of stress for a weekend was just not worth it!

Well….that is until our friends invited us along to a camping trip last year.

We politely declined their invite but said we would visit them for the day instead.

Well, low and behold we had a great time and left wishing that we had stopped being such wusses and had just thrown caution to the wind and gone along for the experience.

So, some months later our friends invited us camping again, this time in Jervis bay ( LOVE LOVE LOVE Jervis bay!) so we decided to go for it.

We purchased a ridiculously expensive tent- which everyone mocked us about calling it the Taj Mahal, but i’m telling you if this girl is gonna camp, she is gonna do it in style, and my roof cupboard space and  built in draws came in very handy thankyou very much!

So what can i say? The weekend was awesome!

I became a little bit more used to nature, and i even started to get used to being surrounded by huge possums and kangaroos without screaming everytime i heard something rustling around in the dark.

I managed to cook a fancy meal on a hot plate for seven people and I even learnt to play poker!

And my favourite part of the adventure? Eating melted marshmallows by the fire…yum yum yum.

The location was gorgeous- we camped in the bush and were about 100 metres from pristine white sand and beautiful blue ocean.

I wanted to share with you my favourite photo from our mini break.

This was pretty much right next to where we pitched our tent and my gosh the light there in the evenings was just beautiful!


 Last weekend my very good friends Nora & Ed tied the knot in beautiful Manly.

The wedding was held exactly six years to the day that they first laid eyes on each other.

Their wishes were to have a chilled out, fun celebration with their closest friends. Their celebration was held at the gorgeous Ivanhoe gardens in Manly. They requested that their guests wear smashing shirts and fabulous frocks, and they certainly did!

Nora was the most relaxed a bride could be.

I loved that her and Ed saw each other at the morning of the wedding.

I loved that they involved their little family- two gorgeous pups by the names of Uki and Akira in their special day.

I loved that all the girls went out for a good hearty brunch in the morning followed by a stop off  to buy Nora’s  flowers which her two closest friends made into a bouquet for her.

I loved the simplicity of her dress. Nora has such an amazing sense of style and grace about her- she looked like a real life Audrey Hepburn all dressed up –  she totally rocked that frock!

I loved the little personnal touches that they added to their day- the paper hearts tied in the branches of a tree which later guests would help themselves too and write a note on for the happy couple. The cute little cup cakes, the tables adorned with lace and notes and the tea lights placed in the rocks and running down the aisle- it was just perfect!

Most of all i loved the connection between the two of them.

Ed just couldn’t keep his eyes of his pretty bride during the ceremony. They read their own vows to each other and you could really see the special connection that they have with each other, i swear there wasn’t a dry eye during the ceremony!

All in all it was a beautiful, perfect Autumn wedding.

Congratulations my gorgeous friends I am so happy for you both.

Nora and Ed will be returning home later this year to have a big celebration with their families in Edingburgh. This lucky girl will also be photographing their second wedding too! Yippee! I can’t wait! If you want to see more photos of Ed & Nora-then feel free to check out their engagement session that i did a few months ago.

Enjoy, and a happy Easter to you all!