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Dan and Jaime….such a great couple!

They will be getting married later this year and i really can’t wait for their wedding day!

Jaime is actually my personnal trainer.

She does such a good job of kicking my butt once a week and she is always very sweet and never rolls her eyes when i step up onto the scales confessing how much chocolate i have scoffed and then proclaim that the gods are against me because i haven’t lost an ounce…

Ok , so back to Jaime and Dan…

They decided they wanted to have their engagement shoot at North head in Manly as that’s where Dan popped the big question.

If you have never been there before you really should go, it’s so pretty and the lookout point over the city is stunning.

We started the shoot at Collins beach- a beautiful and practically deserted little spot where you are only likely to find the local peeps as it’s a bit tricky to get to- i LOVE those kind of locations!

We then headed up to North head itself in time for sundown, and my it was a gorgeous evening.

Congratulations to the happy couple and roll on August- it’s going be just lovely!


Recently i photographed the lovely Griggs family down at Lady Macqaurie’s Chair.

They were heaps of fun!

Lachlan had real ‘boy’ energy- racing around climbing trees, finding sticks and running LOTS!! I was exhausted just watching him – he was so much fun to be around!

His sister was a gorgeous little girl and they both shared a close brotherly sisterly bond.

These guys were up for having a fast paced fun session with me and that we certainly did!

I also loved the colours they wore for their shoot- blue, yellow and red- those colours just go so well together don’t you think?

And check out that gorgeous sandstone wall- what a fabulous backdrop for a family shoot!


Lisa and Rob. Such a great couple!

I had lots of fun being part of their small, intimate wedding recently.

The wedding was beautiful and the location was just stunning.

I truly feel very lucky to live in this part of the world.

Lisa is an English girl who came over here a few years ago when she met and fell in love with Rob.

Since then they have been pretty much insepearble and on Friday they celebrated their love in style at the gorgeous Sergeants mess in Chowder Bay.

Lisa and Rob you guys are such genuinely lovely people.

Thank you so much for choosing me to share your special day.


Here is one of my favourite shots from Lisa & Rob’s wedding that i shot today in beautiful Chowder Bay.

More to follow soon- watch this space!


Earlier this week as i was sitting in a cafe with a coffee daydreaming (as usual!)  my eyes fell upon a bag. Written on the bag were inspirational quotes and sentences. There was one in particular that caught my eye and thus stayed with me all week and this was:

‘ Do one thing a day that scares you’

So, this week i have been pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and do exactly that; Something that scares me.

So far i have done three scary things. Scary thing number one was  attempting to perform a parallel park in the city in rush hour with a huge queue of cars waiting for me to do my thing. Now normally I would totally avoid this kind of scenario and would  park miles away, but, i decided to just go for it. I have to admit that i failed miserably but i’m still glad i gave it a go despite all the beeping i received and that the space was big enough to fit in a small country.

Scary thing number two was daring myself to sprint on the treadmill at a speed that i have never attempted before.I really am not great at running and i was convinced that i would just fall of the end of it but to my surprise i held up. ..wait for it….for a whole fifteen seconds.Yes i hear you, your all sooo envious of my running capabilities!!

This brings me to scary thing number three. Yesterday afternoon i was out and about location scouting for an engagement shoot that i have this weekend. The light was incredible as the sun was going down; golden and hazey-just beautiful.I wished that i had a couple of subjects to photograph and practice on. As i was heading back to my car i spotted a young, loved up couple watching the sun go down together. I thought to myself “I wish i had the courage to ask if i could take their picture”.  I sat in my car and started the ignition. As i went to drive away i had a change of heart. Whats the worst that could happen? They could say No is all. So i jumped out of my car and threw caution to the wind. I’m so glad that i did. Thanks Nina and Jack for letting a complete stranger take your picture, you made my day!

Now what’s the one thing that you are going to do today that scares you? Go on, give it a go- it’s liberating!!!