Monthly Archives: August 2013


Last week i hopped on a plane to Bali (as you do) to attend a wonderful conference for creatives called ‘What if‘. I had the most amazing time, meeting lots of ┬álovely peopleand learning some awesome stuff-so inspiring!

I took two cameras with me- my digital SLR and my new film camera that i got for my birthday recently (thanks hubby!). Below are some pictures that i took of the local people using my digital camera. I always shy away from taking photos of strangers as i’m worried that they will take offence or think i’m a lunney for wanting to take their pic, but, the ‘What if’ conference helped me to come out of my shell and to face my fears and give it a go anyways! I was so happy that i went for it. I had such a great experience chatting with the locals, fully immersing myself in the experience without feeling self conscious.

I will also (hopefully) be blogging my shots that i took on film shortly,it was my first time shooting with a film camera so fingers crossed!

Until then i will leave you with these images.

I really can’t wait to return again one day, Bali is such a beautiful country and the folks that live there are amongst some of the most happiest and loveliest people i have ever met.




Hello there! I just wanted to let you all know about my friend Sam, he is a fabulous photographer and now sells his beautiful  landscapes- seriously stunning! Anyway, i just wanted to share : ) You can check out his work here. xoxo