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I have known Cas & Geoff for many many years.  Cas & Geoff have also been together for many many years : )

So it was lovely to hear that they had decided to tie the knot and become Mr & Mrs.

I was thrilled that they wanted me to travel across the globe to photograph their big day, it was such an honor to me that they had wanted me to do this for them.

They had their wedding at the Eden project in Cornwall (The Eden project is run by a charity who have created some very cool sci fi looking domes literally in the middle of the Cornish countryside). Cornwall is one of my favourite places. Its such a beautiful part of the world- a place filled with happy childhood memories for me, so i was even more thrilled when they mentioned that this was where the big day was to held- woop!

Cas & Geoff had a very  unconventional ‘steampunk’ style wedding. I had no idea what this was when they initially told me… Steam punk is basically Victorian (think cogs,clocks,steam powered machinery,that kinda thing) meets punk.

They put so much of themselves into the day and had all of their family and friends help them bring it all together.

Cas’ mum is an amazing seamstress and she sourced original Victorian wedding dress patterns and adapted them to make Cas’ skirt and the bridesmaids outfits.

Cas made a headpiece out of a real birds wing. Her and the bridesmaids also made red velvet and earl grey cupcakes from scratch- so yummy!

They created little installations around the dome of old vintage things they had found and collected over the years -they even borrowed items from guests so that everyone felt a big part of their day.

Geoff arrived to greet the guests before the ceremony on a zip wire dressed in a union jack onsie (he certainly knew how to make an entrance!)

They ended the evening with dancing and then  a game of ‘tea dueling’. Geoff took on his new father in-law as a challenge.

They had a local saddler design and make a leather holster for them which housed a fancy teacup. Both men drew their cups, sat down at a table, selected a biscuit of choice and dared each other to dunk it in their tea. The audience counted as those biccies stayed dunked- who could keep their custard cream dunked for the longest and then eat it without it breaking apart?

You will have to scroll down to find out! So much fun!

As the music finished up for the night guests were treated to piping hot traditional Cornish pasties.

I would consider moving to Cornwall just so that i could eat one every day- they are just wonderful!

Congratulations Cas & Geoff, your day was fun and truly original just like the two of you : )


I also want to say a huge thanks to the lovely Erica who traveled all the way from Italy to shoot with me : )